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FourLikes® Modular





FourLikes® Modular

Responsibly Made

Price varies by Configuration

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An extensively modular collection of seating that can be used to transform the function of a space and build engagement with a meeting-height seat and endless configuration options.

  • 3 year warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Designed by Nørgaard Design
  • Ships partially assembled
  • Sustainable attributes
  • Lead time: 8 weeks (Specific colors and quantities apply; contact for more information)

  • Seat Depth: 19.5"
  • Seat Height: 19"

  • Approved fabric list
  • For fabric review, contact
  • Contrasting fabric option available

Optional Power Addition:

  • 1 grounded plug outlet and 2 USB ports
  • 10' mesh-wrapped cord

Designed out of a need to optimize underused spaces and turn them into functional and meaningful zones, FourLikes® takes into account details often overlooked – including ideal work seating height, acoustic and visual privacy, and movability. Creativity and flexibility flourish with the unique components of this collection.

Explore Some Options

FourLikes® Modular - Configuration A

FourLikes® Modular - Configuration A

Starting at: $7,560

W: 110.2", D: 27.55", H: 34.25", SH: 19"

FourLikes® Modular - Configuration B

FourLikes® Modular - Configuration B

Starting at: $15,184

W: 220.4", D: 27.55", H: 44", SH: 19"

FourLikes® Modular - Configuration C

FourLikes® Modular - Configuration C

Starting at: $36,565

W: 275.5", D: 82.7", H: 73.25", SH: 19"

FourLikes® Modular - Configuration D

FourLikes® Modular - Configuration D

Starting at: $14,812

W: 275.5", D: 82.7", H: 44", SH: 19"

FourLikes® Modular - Configuration E

FourLikes® Modular - Configuration E

Starting at: $25,752

W: 137.75", D: 110.2", H: 34.25", SH: 19"

FourLikes® - Create Your Own


FourLikes® Modular - Configuration A

Starting at: $7,560

  • COM
  • G04
  • COL
  • G05
  • G06
  • G07
  • G08
  • G09
  • G10
  • G11
  • G12
  • G13

Note that pricing reflects Standard finish options.
A Project Manager will contact you for specific options.

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Product Resources

Product Sheet

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Sustainability Information

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Approved Fabrics

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Committed to a better tomorrow, Hightower is focused on material health and transparency. Discover the sustainability attributes for this product below.

This product can help support healthy indoor air quality through its VOC emissions certification.

  • Indoor Advantage Gold Certified
  • Contributes to LEED Low-Emitting Materials Credit
  • Contributes to WELL Building Standard
Indoor Air Quality Logo

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