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After over a year of uncertainty, with our 2021 design we opted to make a striking entrance back into the world by infusing the showroom with elements of maximalism to reflect an energetic view of the future. By bringing on the drama, yet pulling back in some quiet moments of restraint, the space solves for the variety of needs we face as humans — connection, inspiration, and harmony.

If we’ve learned anything the last two years, it’s that change is one thing we can always count on.

Natalie Hartkopf, CEO & Co-Founder

Throughout the design process, Hightower and Caseworks’ teams pushed the concept of layering pattern, material, and texture in a way that, to some may seem contrary, even clashing. The confidence of this bold approach was balanced with thoughtful subtlety, resulting in rooms that express individuality and pure delight.

After so much time feeling secluded, even isolated in our most comfy, casual attire, a little “revenge dressing” seemed in order — not just for our wardrobes but for our spaces.

Hari Chair, Counter Height - Upholstered
Azul Powder Coat
Black Powder Coat
Carbon Powder Coat
Canyon Powder Coat
Dark Verde Powder Coat
Linen Powder Coat
Mocha Powder Coat
Silk Powder Coat
White Powder Coat