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Committed to a Better Tomorrow

We’re about people: our manufacturing community who designs, builds, upholsters, paints, and delivers our products, as well as our clients who use our products. Valuing people translates to creating products with the utmost care and respect for today's and tomorrow's generations. Because of this we are committed to material health and transparency. Why? We care not only for people but the places they live and work, creating healthier spaces for all.


Red List Free

We assess our products to the 100 parts per million level to verify that no chemicals on the Living Building Challenge Red List are in our products. We seek to optimize and remove Red List Chemicals from our supply chain when present, including formaldehyde in our paper backing and PVC edge banding.


We have two product families with Declare labels and counting! A Declare label is a transparency document that discloses every ingredient at or above 0.01% by weight in a product, and screens those ingredients against the ILFI Red List. Ingredient disclosure at this level of granularity is challenging from a supply chain perspective, but absolutely necessary to drive progress around material health and transparency. Products with Declare labels contribute to LEED, WELL, and Living Building Challenge, and help support project teams meet human health + transparency goals.

Certified Indoor Air Quality Advantage

Over 75 of our products have Indoor Advantage Gold Certification from SCS Global Services, meeting the most stringent VOC emissions limits globally. In order to meet these requirements, we switched to using water-based clear coatings on our certified products. These products can help support healthy indoor air quality and contribute to LEED and WELL projects. Indoor Advantage Gold Certification is in alignment with CDPH, setting the most stringent VOC emissions requirements globally.

Recycled Content

We have 57 products that contain recycled content. Using recycled materials has an environmental benefit over virgin materials, and these products can contribute to LEED and WELL projects. The recycled content is primarily found in the steel used in many of our products.

"We're ever-mindful of our footprint and how it affects future generations."

Natalie Hartkopf, CEO & Co-Founder

Sustainability Partners

Check out these organizations we have partnered with as part of our investment in sustainability and responsibility made products.

We're pleased to have our products listed on mindful MATERIALS, a tool helping project teams find healthy building materials.

We are proud to be a member of ILFI’s Living Product 50 and support the vision of a better future for all. Learn more about the LP50 efforts.

We have partnered with SCS, an international leader in third-party certification and standards development, to achieve our Indoor Advantage Gold certification.

We are proud to be a member of the USGBC and support their mission to transform our built environment. 

Ask Michaela, our Sustainability Manager

Michaela is spearheading our efforts to understand and optimize our supply chain and setting big goals for material health, transparency, and holistic sustainability. Since joining Hightower, Michaela has conducted a full supply chain analysis to identify harmful materials and remove them from our products, thereby allowing our clients to meet their sustainability goals and comply with green building standards like LEED and WELL. Michaela is here to guide you through the complex landscape of today’s sustainability industry.

Interested in booking a CEU?

Contact us to learn more about our Indoor Air Quality CEU available virtually or in person. Email to learn more.

Contact us to learn more about our Indoor Air Quality CEU available virtually or in person. Email to learn more.